Monday, January 4, 2010

view from the other side

Since my last paycheck your clothes

have become tattered and a bit worn.

Your face has become a bit green

and its skin seems to be falling off the cheek-

bone. I can see your teeth are chipped

and yellow. I didn’t know that they were.

And I wish you would look at my face,

or at least with a bit more consciousness.

Your translucent eyes affixed to my meaty

and probably delicious pork belly physique

is a little disconcerting

and you should close your open maw,

a long spiderweb strand of drool

is pooling on my welcome mat.

Oh, we’ve never met?

Well then excuse me for the confusion,

as several of your folk come to batter

my door every hour. Who are you?

Wait. Come to think of it,

I don’t want to know. Do you mind

if I shoot you in the face with this shotgun?

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