Thursday, May 13, 2010

Images in New Jersey, Ideas that are Our Fault

What do you want me to prove?
That I read? That I have culture?
That I have important ideas

that you can’t see
from your consciousness?
There is nothing new

in this world
but what we make
and call new.

And you want it said quietly?
Slowly? With purpose?
Allusions toward obscurity

flooded in language?
Here is an image for you:
A year old condom,

and a single rain boot
dance on the foamy shore
of Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

The condom, half-filled with
bubbly water, deflates
as a young girl

in a baseball cap and
dirty-white gloves
drops it in a trash bag

and another idealist
puts a tally mark on a clipboard,
parallel lines uncomfortably together.

The image, disturbed
by the youths, is regenerated
the next day. Another boot,

another dance, another rubber.
How can I say this quietly?
There is a lot of trash out there.

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