Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Let’s forget our careers
for a moment and go
on a trip somewhere.
We can sit someplace
with grass or dirt
and watch the sun rise
or fall into the flat
or mountainous horizon.
We can talk about us,
our love, the trees,
or listen to the distant
train chug away
and let silence strike
the scene, as the world
lightens up, or dims
towards orange
then black in a mist
or on a clear night
or day.
I could look at you,
in your pink
or yellow summer dress
tucked under your
knees, or draped
along the ground.
And we could call
the place home,
or we could call it nothing.

But let’s go, leave, and find
this place, just so
we can see it exists,
home, or nothing,
someplace to dance
naked, wildly, with one another
or sit with quiet smiles.

1 comment:

  1. Sam, I was bored and decided to do a quick skim of all of my bookmarked blogs. This is really nice; reminds me of Billy Collins in a good way.

    Hope you're doing well.