Monday, October 5, 2009

aphorisms and notes to a tired and confused youth

This is not sagely advice.

Take what you are entirely, knowing

that it is full of half-truths and unwarranted regrets;

dissect and categorize each puzzle piece.

Know that you will no longer be you tomorrow,

each action depends on who you are

but the brain changes with each experience;

take advantage of the ones you can control.

Don’t worry about the stock market,

that was fucked up before we got here.

Believe in horoscopes, gravity formed you

while you were still in developing fetusdom.

The Sun, Moon, stars and planets, light years away

are your distant relatives, they move oceans

and helped design your DNA.

Split larks, listen to music, memorize poetry,

it makes you smarter and passes time

that you may otherwise find yourself

just passing.

Dissect sentences as you would yourself,

turn phrases into organs, make them bloody.

Question each question with a scalpel;

forget what you know and know something new.

Be a pioneer. You follow in the footsteps of great failures

that took decades to perfect. Make them bigger.

Rest up. You are supposed to spend one-third

of your life sleeping so it is probably important;

but don’t forget that today is your last day on earth

and the memories you have tomorrow, of today,

are the fictions you will write poems about next year

when you are a distant relative of who you are

at this moment, birthed from the last.

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