Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a little brain warm up I did this morning

a cloud, a clot, a clam, scoliosis economy, [a little lighter than we came in], we will come out, what do you know about any of this? have you read

this in the news? the news? who writes the news anymore? all i ever get to read is fully disclosed endorsements for weight loss berries, cleaning products, and dance mixes, people to fix up my stitches, make me frankenstein-monster-whole, take away my debt, take it away,

give me a new one, take that one, charge it on this, move it over here, put it in a box, shake it, stir it, write about it because it from the viewpoint of an egg, a snail, a bucket, my lunch, take that too, I am trying to munch on these berries and become the number 0 or 1, even numbers are deprecating when it comes to their image

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